hosting voip solution           

  AWITEL's Hosting VoIP Solution enable partners who want to leverage the benefits of a proven global VoIP infrastructure and manage their own rate decks to take advantage of the Hosted VoIP Service for authentication, authorization, and administration.            


Benefits of Services from AWITEL:

•Rapid launch of services

•Operational freedom

•24x7 web based access

•Elimination of technology risks

•Elimination of infrastructure risks

•Significant cost savings

•World class technology

•User training and support

 Who may take advantage of these solutions?

 •New entrepreneurs looking to start a business using the emerging VoIP Technology.

•Existing Telco based Calling Card companies or Carriers who would like to migrate to VoIP and increase profits while decreasing costs.

•Existing or emerging ITSPs and ISPs who would like to use their existing infrastructure to add VoIP Calling Cards to their list of services.

For pricing information, please e-mail and let us help you start a Business!


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