LTE/WiMAX implementation           

 One of AWITEL's prestigous service dicipline is LTE/WiMAX implementation for operators to provide services to municipalities, communities and universities:
 It is our pleasure to move to build up and implement wireless city management for municipalities, communities, public facilities and universities based on LTE/ WiMax or 3G and 4G mobile platforms. Typical AWITEL Implementation Projects business plan in such areas covers the following services or projects Via easy access from North America and globally:

     ◦ SMS/MMS IMS over IP Platform
     ◦Video phone /IPTV/MTV
     ◦Mobile Content and Delivery Platforms
     ◦ Mobile e-mail delivering with secure PGP
     ◦Mobile payment ,
     ◦ICT Unification platform for E/M-Health,MM data center,
     ◦Wireless cities solutions,
     ◦Traffic Jam solutions,
     ◦Global data centre and co-location,
     ◦Using LTE and WiMAX with the existing network infrastructure and the need to implement solutions that manage the application demands of Operator's customers
     ◦ Creating A New Dimension Of “Search TV” Over A New “Intelligent” Home Platform
     ◦ Introducing Global on-line access mining data base and telemining.

  SMS over IP :
  SMS to be sent and received over IP.

    IP Video phone:
     • H.264 Video support for higher quality video calls within smaller bandwidth requirements
     • Multi-way call support without the need of a bridge
     • Complete software application integrating all major functionality for IP video telephony
     • Application-specific development platform to accelerate time to market

  Mobile TV service on the Top of IMS Project:

  This plan is for public end user base on Mobile planning and design application on CDMA/GSM / satellite phones. This presentation can be an IMS case study using existing 3rd generation GSM/CDMA/ Satellite phone, which enables carriers of 3rd generation GSM/CDMA / satellite mobile users to download the application on their mobiles and by connecting to Mobile Network be able to view IMS and TV Channels as well as "Video On Demand" supported on Archive by public servers in each community. Thus the application is a Client-Server application. Since all 3rd generation GSM mobiles/ Satellite phones can browse the internet by using the application downloaded on their mobiles they can also view live IMS/TV Channels and be able to use Video on Demand (VOD) service as well.  there are 2 major components for the total application: 

     1) Viewer IMS with nice user friendly interface enabling the user to get connected to the internet
     2) Prompt the user for Username and Password, as well as other information required for authentication to access IMS application.

     1) Authentication of the IMS users and when positive
     2) Providing a proper interface to the user to choose among the servicess
     3) Allow streaming of Video, IMS or Audio from our servers to the end user (IP Based) and to have it play for the user on the screen (Video+ Audio) or on the headphone (Audio).
  The application to be compatible and thus downloadable and usable by all 3rd generation mobiles satellite phones independent of the OS that they are using. On top that it must also be independent of the mobile brand they are using (Nokia, Motorola, Samsung, etc.) whichever mobile that has OS and can browse internet. Having downloaded the Mobile IMS and TV application program and following: a) Connect to the Internet'
     b) Apply the Mobile IMS /TV Program on your desktop or Mobile terminal
     c) will be prompted with UN and PW Wizard
     d) When authentication is done successfully you get connected to the Mobile IMS/TV Services can  choose from: i) IMS/TV Channels
     e)IMS/ VOD
     f) IMS/Music

- The interface should be user friendly!
- It should also be high class and show each IMS and TV Channel with its icon.
- The interface must enable the user to choose IMS application , Music Channels, VOD or TV Channels.
- The interface should support multi-language features to give the user the choice to choose from English, French, Spanish, and German.  Scope of the Project::
  We would like to be able to give the service to all Mobile current users. So the hardware and software anticipations supports the above mentioned concurrent users, connecting to the service and viewing the TV Channels or Video streaming switchover from analogue  to digital broadcasting will create new distribution networks and expand the potential for wireless innovation and services.
  The inherent flexibility offered by digital terrestrial broadcasting will support mobile reception of video, internet and multimedia data, making applications, services and information accessible and usable anywhere and at any time. It opens the door to new innovations such as Handheld TV Broadcast (DVB-H) along with High-Definition Television (HDTV)

  we can support our clients by providing:
  LTE/ WiMAX deployment as well as 4G and Broadband capacity maximization for new media, content and entertainment strategies for the wireless broadband world, “HSPA Business Case and Operator Deployment Experiences”, “Defining and standardizing 4G” and how will emerging business directions, technology trends and service strategies transform the industry in the next 5 years plan.



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