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AWITEL Voice Traffic Solutions using TDM and IP backbone :                                          

AWITEL supports International carriers and service providers with high quality voice/Data traffic exchanges over IP and TDM; this service covers establishing Bi-Lateral voice traffic exchange agreements with Carriers and partners to carry Long Distance and international traffic globally. In addition We offer Retail voice services such as Calling cards and PIN-less calling options using our Mobile smartphone dialer applications (iPhone, Android, Windows Mobile) to enhance our market sector.
  We offer A-Z traffic routing services through Interconnection via Tier-1 carriers with excellent quality and amazing rates. Therefore, our clients are sure that all the components of their business are managed with professional team and technical expertise of AWITEL and our Tier-1 partners.
We have many years of VoIP deployment, Operations and maintenance experience and our team is certified by the best providers of VoIP services, hardware, integrated voice, data and networking equipment.
  At AWITEL, we fully understand your business and we know how important it is for you and your clients to get support when you most need it. 


   AWITEL Carrier Benefits:

* We provide top Quality Worldwide Call Routing
* We measure Superior Network Security
* Reliability – Backed up platform to guarantee our services
* Compatibility - Compatible with all types of hardware (All IP Gateways, Switches, Call Router Servers, IP phones) and also Net meeting.
* Excellent Technical Support – Support Plans to provide levels of support which you need
* Web management tools and dashboard – So you can check your balance scores at all times
  Our functional management tool provides our clients with a detailed report of their calls so they have a clear idea of their traffic and balance of their accounts.
  Additionally to the outstanding tools and quality offered, we know how important is for you to offer competitive services to your clients and this is why we are tirelessly working on providing you with the most competitive rates in the market.
  For pricing information, please e-mail: and let us help you decide which of our products are right for your business
  We also provide a no hassle, cost-effective Equipment Leasing for businesses located in the US & and Canada. You can finance your new or used business equipment with fixed monthly payments — over a period you choose.
Connections to AWITEL's Voice & Internet Backbone can be made through many points worldwide over the Internet, either through satellite or fiber optic links. With such a network in place AWITEL can confidently deliver the Carrier class A quality at the lowest cost to its clients. We have switching capabilities throughout Europe and North America and can also give the opportunity of Co-locations for carrier’s NGN soft switches at North America.
  AWITEL is able to deliver voice services to any of the countries in its regions of operation at very competitive rates. In addition it can also deliver services to other countries not on its own network or route the whole traffic of the carriers through Bi-lateral agreements at the best available rates and prices in the market. Combining voice services with high quality Internet access gives customers a unique opportunity to provide an integrated service to end users.

  At AWITEL we believe in creating great business partnerships, so our Partner Program is designed entirely around mutually benefiting VoIP resellers and partners. In our experience, a happy and satisfactory partnership is one that makes good commercial and business sense for you, the partner, and us. After all, a real return on investment (ROI) is what it's all about.
  As stated above; AWITEL is able to provide customers with voice over IP, through facilities in North America and Canada. This will allow customers to deliver international calls from countries where IP calls are allowed (most of the countries in the world)and deliver it through high quality networks, often better than the existing in-country services. The set up is easy and fast over one day; the only technical requirement from carrier side is to identify the IP address of the Origin or destination of the traffic to be exchanged.

   AWITEL provides reliable, affordable, intelligent, and secure VoIP-Based Solutions and hardware systems that give a service provider the scalability and flexibility to distinguish itself and succeed in the booming VoIP market.

  Calling Card Solution
  Our Calling Card Platform Solution allows you to position multiple Calling Cards in the market, route traffic to numerous carriers, maintain Real-Time management and analysis of your operations. You can take advantage of the cost-effective solutions that Voice over IP has to offer.

  VoIP Soft-switch Solution
  Our VoIP Soft-switch Solution is an intelligent, scalable user friendly application that allows service providers to unify voice and data traffic in one network. It provides flexible, programmable routing intelligence and includes a management application for switching and phone operations.

   Carrier Billing Solution
  Our Carrier Billing Solution provides a way for system owners to manage traffic terminating from multiple carriers to single or numerous POPs. The solution offers real-time CDR information as well as monitoring, reporting and business analysis tools.

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